The controversy began when the “king” of fast food, on his Norwegian fan page , started distributing Big Macs vouchers. That’s right: your biggest Macedonia Email Lists competitor’s hamburger! With the stated aim of identifying its true and most loyal fans, Burger King offered its followers a Big Mac, explaining that anyone who accepted the “gift” would be banned from the fan page forever. The result was that 30,000 people Macedonia Email Lists preferred to get a coupon to eat at the rival, and the page, which had around 38,000 fans, went to 8,000. It looks like a kamikaze action, but the result was positive! It turns out that this “cleaning” removed those users who weren’t so Macedonia Email Lists interested in the brand. As a result, your engagement power has been increased by no less than five times!

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Back one more Fla, COM! Today, who talks with us is Felipe Sobriety, COM at Blammo . Blammo is a digital marketing agency focused on web Macedonia Email Lists development, specifically for websites. The agency also works with planning and execution of campaigns, sponsored links, website optimization and social networks. How do you as COM see the importance/relevance of Content Marketing today for the company’s overall marketing strategy? And how does Macedonia Email Lists Blammo, which is an agency, use Content Marketing, in addition to promoting it to its clients without putting aside its traditional branding strategies? Content Marketing is the most crucial piece in all projects where we seek to generate relevant results for customers. This is because in all situations where we seek to Macedonia Email Lists generate traffic for our customers, our ultimate intention is to qualify and educate this audience,

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For this to happen, the only way to qualify and educate these visitors is through good quality content. In this aspect, we always count on Rock Content to supply us Macedonia Email Lists with such content. What advantages does Blammo see in relation to having a partner company to produce content for its customers instead of producing it in-house? By doing so, by outsourcing we are able to reduce our costs and optimize our processes. What are your biggest challenges today as a COM, and Macedonia Email Lists what are your goals with the Content Marketing strategy: Attract and convert? Engage? Establish yourself as an authority/reference? As COM at Blammo, what I realize is that most of our clients are small and medium-sized companies, and therefore they are organizations that are much more oriented Macedonia Email Lists  towards achieving results in the most agile way possible, that is, they are companies that need revenue.

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