The Google Search Console brings together several tools so that we can understand how our websites or blogs are doing with Google. It is essential for those who develop SO strategies because it El-Salvador Email List indicates whether Google is mapping your pages correctly or if there is any problem that could affect your ranking in searches. In addition, in the Search Analytics function, it offers a number of important metrics, which include: performance of specific keywords; which search terms generate the most traffic; El-Salvador Email List back links, meaning which sites are linking to yours; problems like errors that prevent Google from crawling your site, broken links, and others. This is valuable information that will certainly help you to optimize your pages and follow the evolution of your results with SO practices. To use Google El-Salvador Email List Search Console, simply sign up for free and follow the instructions.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Guide 2. Google Trends Another essential tool for an SO strategy, Google Trends allows El-Salvador Email List  you to visualize the popularity of search terms over time, according to the country and its sub-regions. You can also compare keywords to find out which ones are the most searched for, learn about the hot topics at the moment, and discover related queries. Google Trends is great for making better decisions El-Salvador Email List about choosing keywords for your content and for understanding the occurrence of seasonality peaks of interest in a given term during certain periods of the year, such as the search for “gym” more intense in the December and January. 3. Keyword Planner Google’s Keyword Planner is part of Ad Words Google’s advertising platform and its main purpose is to provide keyword El-Salvador Email List suggestions for advertising campaigns.

El-Salvador Email List

In this regard, we have a little more interesting insights compared to Google Trends, as we can see the average monthly El-Salvador Email List keyword searches and better align the choice of keywords with the objective of our actions. 4. Google My Business The Google My Business is a tool dedicated to local businesses whose primary function is to allow these companies to manage and analyze as they appear on Google. When registering the El-Salvador Email List organization on the platform , it is possible to include company data and contact channels, such as: Company Name; category; address; opening hours; telephone; site; images. It may be that this information appears highlighted within a form (card), on the side of the results page. This can happen when people search Google for the name of the company (direct search) or for a El-Salvador Email List category of products or services in a certain location (discovery)

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