Considered one of the most popular applications and media in the world today, Ticktock was Bulgaria Email List about to be banned in the United States due to concerns about the security of private data of US citizens. However, on September 19, users of the platform could breathe a sigh of relief, as President Donald Trump announced an agreement that Bulgaria Email List guarantees the app’s permanence in the country. The Ticktock allows users to produce videos up to one minute and use a wide range of filters and music. Since 2019, the platform has been a champion in downloads , with more than 800 million active users across the planet. It all started as three apps. In 2014, the Bulgaria Email List American Musically app was launched. In 2016, Chinese technology company Byte Dance created Doubting.

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Byte Dance’s service became a global success under the name Ticktock and in 2018 the company purchased Musically, creating a unique app. Why did the Bulgaria Email List US want to ban Ticktock? Ticktock aroused the concern of the United States for collecting a large amount of data from its users, such as location information, videos watched and commented on, operating system used, smartphone model and even Bulgaria Email List the pace at which the user types. However, these practices are also carried out by other renowned applications such as New York Times, Facebook and LinkedIn. Even so, the UK privacy watchdog Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating the application. Ticktock has over 100 million users in the US .Mike Pompey, the country’s secretary of state, has said Bulgaria Email List publicly that users are at risk of having their data used by the Chinese government.

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The theory would be based on China’s National Security Law of 2017, which says that Chinese companies and citizens are required to cooperate in state Bulgaria Email List intelligence work. The BBC , Thea Bertram, who is responsible for the public policies of Ticktock in Africa, Middle East and Europe, rejected this allegation, claiming to be unreasonable and false. How does Ticktock Global resolve the issue? Last Saturday, Donald Trump Bulgaria Email List lifted the ban on Ticktock in the US and approved an agreement established between the application and US companies Walmart and Oracle. The president’s move came after a San Francisco court judge barred the presidential order, which may have influenced his decision. In an interview with White House Bulgaria Email List reporters, Trump gave the go-ahead for mega-companies to negotiate with Ticktock. The proposal intends to create another company, whose headquarters would be in the United States and would have the name of Ticktock Global.

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