There is some controversy about how Alex Ranking works, as its measurement methods are not the most accurate. Alexei itself recognizes that from the 100,000 position in the ranking, the data is Indonesia WhatsApp Number List less reliable due to the scarcity of information . Still, the tool is well evaluated in the market and deserves attention because of that. But how does the system analyze websites anyway? The ranking criteria are based on what Alexei calls the “global data dashboard”. It is a set of browser and website Indonesia WhatsApp Number List extensions that contain a specific script used in counting. So the ranking extracts information from these extensions every day. The list is updated based on two main factors: daily unique visitors; average page views over a 3 month period. The better the combination of these two Indonesia WhatsApp Number List points on a website, the better its ranking position.

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In addition to extensions, Alexei fetches data from external sources to add credibility (and increase data volume) to your Indonesia WhatsApp Number List database. Despite this, the purpose of the list is not to capture data about the access of all internet users . The focus is on sampling research, which gives statistical relevance to the results Indonesia WhatsApp Number List even analyzing only a fraction of accesses. digital marketing guide 4 benefits of using Alexei Ranking as part of your digital strategy Did you know that Alexei Ranking has even been discarded by many as a relevant tool in the Digital Marketing scenario ? This happened because, as we mentioned, the tool’s analysis was not so accurate, especially at a time when the ranking Indonesia WhatsApp Number List was based only on who used a specific plugin.

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Fortunately, the Alex Ranking was renewed and, today, although it has strong competitors (which is good for all of us), it Indonesia WhatsApp Number List remains relevant. See below 4 benefits of using this tool well in your digital strategy! 1. Competitive analysis The first way to use Alexei Ranking well is to closely monitor your competitors’ performance and see Indonesia WhatsApp Number List how they are executing their respective marketing strategies. A competitive analysis is a practical and simple way to define what is worth doing or put down in your own business. After all, just like you, your competitors face the same challenges every day and have the same goals. It’s natural for them to have good ideas that you and your team didn’t have, but Indonesia WhatsApp Number List they also make mistakes on crucial points that you can benefit from.

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