Companies must understand the basics before wanting to do something ambitious Ivan DE Sousa Aug 10, 20 | Reading: min Computerized Machine Components In 2018, the machine learning market South Africa Phone Number List was valued at $6.9 billion, according to a report by Grand View Research . It is estimated that this amount will reach US$ 96.7 billion by 2025 . This expansion is due to the potential of technology, whose use in the market has expanded and led managers from different segments to invest in it in order to South Africa Phone Number List provide valuable experiences to customers. Within the range of solutions related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) is one of the most outstanding, receiving the greatest resources. According to data from the Statistic portal , in the first half of 2019 alone, US$ 28.5 billion South Africa Phone Number List were invested in machine learning applications and US$ 14.4 billion in machine learning platforms.

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Don’t think about machine learning if you don’t know the basics. The 2020 state of enterprise machine learning study , by Algorithmic, highlighted that, among the survey participants, the three South Africa Phone Number List main cases of machine learning use, for companies of all sizes, were: cost reduction for their organizations, with 38%; generation of customer insights and intelligence, with 37%; customer experience South Africa Phone Number List optimization, with 34%. Although it is a promising technology that can generate many benefits, caution is needed before adopting it or investing a considerable amount of money in its implementation. The ideal is to understand its concepts and how this type of solution can or cannot help a South Africa Phone Number List company, especially with the types of applications that can be developed from it for use in the business.

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In this way, machine learning goes from a simple innovation to a solution that can effectively solve corporate South Africa Phone Number List problems and provide new business opportunities. what is important to learn To start working with machine learning it is important to understand its concept, which, as pointed out, is different from Artificial Intelligence, although it is part of it. Machine learning corresponds to a system that can “learn” based on its South Africa Phone Number List experience when contacting, processing and quickly analyzing a large contingent of data ( Big Data ). From there, he can change his behavior autonomously. This system identifies patterns in data and can automate user responses as well as the development of analytical models. Human intervention is minimal, as the solution is able to South Africa Phone Number List improve over time to make better decisions and optimize task performance.

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