Causes quick reaction A survey done by Think box on advertising points out that mass media such as radio, TV and print newspapers bring more effective results in the short term . The justification Vietnam Phone Number List  for this is the fact that these media reach the public on a large scale and quickly. In this way, companies can advertise their products to the general public, but without ceasing to segment their advertising pieces. With more Vietnam Phone Number List people knowing the brand and seeing it as trustworthy, the trend is for sales to increase considerably. How much does it cost to advertise in the newspaper? As you have seen, advertisements in newspapers bring excellent results for companies. However, to use them, it is recommended to Vietnam Phone Number List take some precautions. First, you need to look for newspapers that speak to your target audience.

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You also need to choose the section in which the ad will be shown, which must be related to your product. The Vietnam Phone Number List value of a newspaper ad depends on certain factors, such as the space that will be used on the page, the number of people who subscribe to the newspaper, selected section, the number of times the ad will be published, among others. See below the amounts charged by some of the main newspapers in Brazil. Newspaper Vietnam Phone Number List O Glob Advertising in the first section, on the main pages of the newspaper, costs R$ 2,016.00 on weekdays and R$ 2,275.00 on Sundays. If you want to advertise in the Publicity Report or Expression of Opinion, the value is R$ 4,632.00 on weekdays and R$ 6,264.00 on Sunday. The ad on Vietnam Phone Number List the first page, with 60 cm per column, costs R$22,151.00 on weekdays and R$29,905.00 on Sundays.

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Extra Newspaper To advertise in undetermined pages of the first section, it is necessary to pay from R$1,319.00 on weekdays and R$1,780.00 on Sundays. An ad on the first page, 72 cm per Vietnam Phone Number List column in the Publicity Report, costs R$11,602 on weekdays and R$15,664.00 on Sundays. Newspaper Fol ha DE So Pauli Companies willing to make a hefty investment to advertise on a full page of Fol ha DE So Pauli must pay R$458,016.00 on weekdays and R$572,520.00 on Sundays. An ad that occupies ¾ of the Vietnam Phone Number List page costs R$343,512.00 on weekdays and R$429,390.00 on Sundays. If the idea is to make a smaller ad, with 26 cm per column, the price charged is R$ 114,504.00 on weekdays and R$ 143,130.00 on Sundays. Vietnam Phone Number List Newspaper O Est ado Considered one of the largest newspapers in the country,

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