The performance of Cambridge Analytics in the North American elections generated controversy, investigations and great pressure on Beiderbecke and his Philippines Phone Number List company. From there, he pledged to increase the transparency of Facebook ads. Today, in addition to being able to access all the ads served on the platform, users are also free to Philippines Phone Number List check the investments that political campaigns have made in Facebook ads. This was a decision driven by the 2016 case, helping to maintain the transparency of data that is in the public interest. What are the Ad Library features? The Ad Library basically lets you access the ad campaigns that each company has on Facebook. ​The consultative proposal is a way Philippines Phone Number List to make the relationship transparent, but it is possible to use this in favor of your company, mainly to understand competitors’ strategies.

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They are true benchmarks, although there are some restrictions to preserve each company. Among the possibilities is understanding the lead journey . For these Philippines Phone Number List ads, there is the configuration of how will be the path of those who click on the sponsored publication. By accessing this information, it is possible to understand how other companies are structuring the point of contact, from its origin to Philippines Phone Number List where it will take the user. However, not everything is party when it comes to Ad Library. One of the most decisive details in an online ad strategy is targeting , that is, who that action aims to reach within Facebook. This information is not revealed on the platform , precisely because it would be Philippines Phone Number List a facilitator for direct competitors, as they could replicate this segmentation.

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In general, what can be seen are active and inactive ads, the paths they generate after Philippines Phone Number List interaction and the texts and media content used. These are basic structure information, but the detailed strategy is still preserved. Instagram ads are also available. It’s nothing new to say that Instagram is a Facebook company and therefore Instagram Ads is integrated with Ad Library . You can view all ads Philippines Phone Number List from the neighboring social network on the same platform that has access to Facebook. This is a great enabler that helps to detect how companies are distributing their campaigns across both platforms. Accessing Facebook Ads Library Philippines Phone Number List Access is done in a simple process, especially after Facebook has launched a unique Ad Library page . Just go to the website and, in the top bar, type the name of the company you want to see the ads.

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