And that you can still use after this period. It would be a Albania Phone Number List shame if all the online plans that are now being developed disappear in the drawer again as soon as ‘we’ return to the order of the day. Hold on, and hold on to this. Brands around the world are bracing Albania Phone Number List for the unprecedented impact this pandemic will have on their businesses and workforces. Every industry experiences this in a different way. These are challenging times, especially for local companies. The impact of the coronavirus is significant for this group. 75% already say they see fewer sales and only 13% say they are confident in their contingency strategy. How can local marketing provide added value right now?

Causes A False Start

Keep your location data up to date Nepal WhatsApp Number List One of the most important  tips for all (local) businesses: provide the right information to your customers. Consumers are uncertain about which stores are open and which services they (still) offer. Consider pick-up or delivery. People orientate themselves even more online before they decide to leave the house. This is also Albania Phone Number List reflected in Google Trends. Globally, the search volume for ” store hours ” has increased significantly in the past 30 days. Due to the rapidly changing measures and regulations, correct online information is essential for your business continuity.


Nepal WhatsApp Number List
Nepal WhatsApp Number List

And There Is


Google Trends search volume worldwide store hours. Search Albania Phone Number List volume in Google Trends on ‘store hours’. Local businesses know the importance of Google’s role as an intermediary between brand and audience. That’s why keeping your Google My Business page Albania Phone Number List up to date is a must. The most important three to do’s for local marketing in a row: 1. Track opening hours Update the opening times regularly. For example, if you are closed on certain days or if something changes regarding your shops or services. For example, there are shops that open an hour earlier to give risk groups such as seniors the chance to come shopping or supermarkets close during the day to allow stock fillers to work safely.

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