As we will see in this post today, it is possible to undertake without having a business of your own, and Cambodia WhatsApp Number List even without being so innovative. Curious to learn more about this concept? Read our post and understand now what entrepreneurship is: The foundations of entrepreneurship Have you ever stopped to think about the verb “to undertake”? If you look in the dictionary, you will find a series of Cambodia WhatsApp Number List definitions. But surprise is among the synonyms. Just look closely to find the verb “to do”. This may sound a little simplistic, but I can assure you that it is far from it. In fact, associating entrepreneurship with the act of “doing something” also means understanding the need to put into Cambodia WhatsApp Number List practice strategies , plans and actions that aim to organize and manage any company or business, with a strong sense of initiative.

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Entrepreneurship is that willingness to meet needs and meet them in the best possible way. It’s that simple: set Cambodia WhatsApp Number List goals, invest to achieve them, build results and repeat the operation. Put like that, we take away the weight that is usually given, on a not very solid basis, to that figure of the entrepreneur, who must always be inventive and Cambodia WhatsApp Number List the owner of his own business. In fact, as we’ll see later in this article, entrepreneurship is much broader than that. It is applicable to any professional, any human being, regardless of their area of ​​expertise, or even career. In practice, what does it mean to “be an entrepreneur”? If we start from this assumption above about entrepreneurship, the vision about Cambodia WhatsApp Number List what it is “to be an entrepreneur ” becomes much clearer and possible for most of us.

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Personally, I really like the definition I learned at Baboon (an American university recognized as the best Cambodia WhatsApp Number List entrepreneurship school in the world): entrepreneurship is “a way of thinking and acting, obsessed with opportunities, with a holistic vision and leadership, focused on adding value” . I believe you’ve heard – or even said – a phrase Cambodia WhatsApp Number List about something that has become a real plague in many public and private institutions: agendas full of meetings to solve problems and almost no effective problem solving. For the entrepreneur, in fact, goes against this thought. As much as he recognizes the Cambodia WhatsApp Number List need to sit down and think,

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