Especially in this day and age it is tempting to always respond quickly to an email. Do not! An idea needs time to mature and sometimes an answer to an email does too. Spending the night on it takes the edge off your comment. Work evaluation To know how your employees present and your customers react, you have to observe. De Boe wants us to stop comparing employees, because it causes not only frustration but also envy. Look at output, not input.

An example of provoking

The obligatory homeworking has also exposed Senegal WhatsApp Number List this well: the output. Not only managers have to observe, employees are also challenged to go mystery shopping at, for example, the competitor or simply at your own company. Ask a customer if you can interview him and then don’t ask for the usual way. Take to the streets in search of inspiration. You never know what you’ll come home with.

Senegal WhatsApp Number List
Senegal WhatsApp Number List

On a Friday morning

The working time Of course it is not possible at every company to organize your own time, but there are also other ways to organize the working time differently for people. For example, by meeting less and sending out fewer emails. Annoying interruptions and/or inefficient use of time lead to loss of time. You can also spend that time in other ways. The working material Our brain is like a muscle that needs regular exercise. You can use weights to train your arm muscles.