When they are interns, this impact is even greater, as they have the insecurity of those who are just starting out. This is what happens when we say that “the intern is to blame”, as the person can feel embarrassed and inhibited. Therefore, innovation requires the company to know how to Burundi Email List embrace vulnerabilities and failures . In this way, interns feel encouraged to contribute with new ideas and solutions. Creating an environment hostile to error, on the other hand, inhibits creativity and ideas that could turn into innovative Burundi Email List solutions. So, if you see that the intern or intern really made a mistake, don’t look for punishment. Try to identify the error it can be technical or behavioral and establish a dialogue to understand the reasons and what can be done so Burundi Email List that it doesn’t happen again.

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In this way, you contribute to the development of that professional, instead of constraining him. For this, it is important to have professionals who guide the intern . A professional in the field can provide guidance on Burundi Email List technical issues, but often a manager or mentor can provide guidance on behavioral issues. The intention is that the intern learns from the mistake and becomes a more qualified professional, not that it becomes a block. What are the most common mistakes made Burundi Email List by interns? There are some common mistakes made by interns, mainly regarding behavioral skills or soft skills . They are professionals who are still immature, who are getting to know the job market, and need guidance to develop. Now let’s look at some of the main errors that deserve attention ​Burundi Email List Impatience Many young people come to the job market eager to grow up.

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They want to be hired soon or assume superior functions. However, professional growth does not happen overnight. It is a gradual, step-by-step development. Therefore, it is Burundi Email List important to guide interns on the need to have the patience to learn over time . lack of politeness Interns arrive with the energy and ease of youth. They are often just out of Burundi Email List their teens. So they still need to learn how to behave in a formal work environment — by attending a client meeting or writing an email, for example. Even if the company is modern and innovative, there are hierarchies and formalities that demonstrate Burundi Email List respect in the relationship with other people. Don’t ask (or ask too much) It is natural that interns have several doubts. They are in a new environment, with new activities.

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