It measures whether someone uses the chat, answers polls, how much you speak and whether Adobe Connect is the active window, or whether other windows become active during the meeting. It can be tempting to give the floor to someone who scores low on that index. That can be a bit much for that person. And possibly it is explained as if he / she is put in front of the block. You can also ask questions about an answer someone gives via polls or contributions in a chat or a moment in a subgroup.

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So rather than put someone in front of the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List block. Collect your reactions and continue talking about them. Happy office also out-of-office! In The happy office manifest (affiliate) you can read how you can get started with happiness at work in organizations. The authors have drawn up a manifesto and in the book develop a model with the four pillars of happiness at work: Give meaning Feel connected Making progress Having fun In times of being out-of-office , it is just as important to pay attention to these aspects of work.

Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List
Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List

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In the book you will find many practical tips, for example to improve a sense of connection or to create positivity, which you can also do online. Here’s a digital translation of some of the tips: Drink a cup of coffee online with a colleague every day. If necessary, create a separate channel for breaks where people who feel like taking a break can go to. Send a card to a colleague. A manual, personally selected card will surely score better than a quick digital promotion via Hallmark.

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