On mobile devices. internal downloads internal download page For those of you lucky enough to call yourself Insiders, you would have received my email notifying you of a significant update to your private downloads page. Since that email, I’ve made a few more tweaks to increase the aesthetics and layout of that page. First I wanted to refresh the page by organizing the downloadable content into categories. Then I also wanted to make the download boxes a bit more modular and have a little description for each download in case you weren’t familiar with what the item does. This page will continue to be updated throughout this year as I decide on a better way to organize and distribute the downloads I give away to my Insiders. You’ll notice I’ve also added a contact form on that page so you can send me feedback or requests from there.

Consistency in every pixel In general, the main theme of my meticulous refinement has been to establish consistency in every detail. An example of this attention to detail is that I checked and made sure that anywhere a border is added (such as when an input is active), the border is 2px. Notice the navigation bar at the top of the page as you follow it down: a 2px border at the bottom. Buttons, when they have a border, always have a 2px border (as opposed to 3px before). Anything with a border is always 2px thick. A small detail that subconsciously communicates that this is not a quilt offline and hacked from a website.

It Is A Unified Coordinated

And intelligently constructed entity. That is what every website owner should strive for. Your site should be a smartly built and coordinated entity, not a hacked code structure. click to tweet One last thing If you have made it through this entire article, I applaud you. If you’re fascinated with Brazil phone number this sort of thing, you’ll probably like to take a look at the ever-evolving Style Guide page I’ve created. It will be constantly evolving just like this site is and could be a good way for any aspiring designer (or digital DIYer) to find inspiration or learn how I approach things. Now build something beautiful yourself and show it off in the comments below! How to get more traffic without writing more (think Evergreen).

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Here’s why you should have one and how to get start. If you have been blogging for six months or six years, you must have an Evergreen content strategy . This type of blog content can drive traffic and conversions for years to come. Allowing you to write less often but continue to grow your audience. For those of you who may not know what I’m talking about, here’s a brief explanation of what Evergreen content is: An Evergreen post is a blog post where the content has long-term value that will not diminish over time. The idea is that the content maintains its value and usefulness for years to come.

Let Me Tell You How Powerful

This can be using my own blog as a great example. 41% of my traffic over the last year came from just 5 blog posts. Just 5 blog posts generated almost half of my web traffic over the last year. Click to tweet Going one step further and taking into account all my undying posts. They account for around 55% of the total traffic directed to dustinst out in the last 365 days. And they are all over a year old. I recently updated some of them. So the release dates have changed, but they were all created in 2014 or earlier. Evergreen’s great blog posts allow you to write less and continue to increase your site’s traffic, subscribers, leads, and conversions.

What does an Evergreen publication do? There are many different types of evergreen publications, which we’ll get to in a minute. But you need to understand that there are some common traits. That you need to keep in mind to get the most out of them. Make sure it’s sustainable A perfect piece of timeless content contains timeless information or assets that can be updated as need. Generally speaking, you want to create something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Sustainability means that a year or two (or three) years from now someone can stumble across this post and still find value in it. That means that anything that is urgent is not good. Also, anything that is changing rapidly (more than once or twice a year) is probably not a good topic.

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