Of an integrated content marketing strategy , but you need to provide genuine value by imparting your words of wisdom, rather than simply accepting guest posting as an obscure medium. to get backlinks. Google on link building in 2017 While Google has no problem with you promoting your business on third-party websites, especially if you’re adding value to the broader Internet community with detailed articles that match searcher intent (i.e., the type of material you people actively search). searching), they are still very wary of companies that try to manipulate search results based on links in articles. It is one thing to have an independent website referral and a link to your work (an earned link) because it is of superior quality, and it is quite another to get a link because you have searched for it, ie you have created content for the main purpose.

In May 2017, they published a reminder about links in large-scale article marketing, outlining a few rules to keep in mind: Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Get rid of keyword rich anchors One of the ranking factors search bots use to understand your content is the anchor text (the visible text) of your links. So, you may think it’s a great idea to include your targeted keywords in your anchor text within guest posts, but bots will see it as a sign of spam, so it should be avoided. For example, if you run a social media marketing business, you might think it’s a good idea to use “social media marketing” as your anchor text.

Perhaps Pointing To Your Main Service

However, if your backlinks consist solely of such short and specific text, it will set off alarm bells because it will appear that you are actively trying to game the system, increasing the relevance of your keyword to specific phrases. A much more natural way of doing things would be to use long-tail anchor text, pointing to a relevant blog post rather than a service page, adding value to readers Albania whatsapp number list  through further insightful reading. Here’s an example of how to do things the right way: “To make a name for yourself online. It’s essential to take social media seriously, commit to regular engagement. And be wary of social media marketing myths that could derail your strategy .” While it’s SEO best practice, there’s also an argument that being more descriptive in your anchors encourages a higher click-through rate.

Albania WhatsApp Number List

As you can see, you can still weave your target terms in there, but try to do it in a less flashy way. do not duplicate This is a big one. Ultimately, Google just wants to return the best and most useful content to the top of search results. You also want to return a variety of results. So users can click through them until they find exactly what they’re looking for. However, if you’re posting the same content on multiple websites. You’ll effectively be clogging up the internet with the exact same things, adding no value to the web as a whole. On the one hand, you may think it’s great to reuse the same material, get maximum exposure with minimum effort. Get one backlink after another without investing in new content. However, if you distribute copies or “spin” articles (by making minor adjustments).

Risking A Penalty From Google

For manipulating the link currency, which will result in your ranking and the referral traffic plummets. . You need to keep things fresh and offer unique content if you’re into outreach marketing. Or else you’ll damage the reputation of the sites you post to, as well as your own. Don’t trust cheap content creators As stated above, Google prides itself on quality content above all else. As this is what its users are looking for when searching online. So, if you outsource your article writing to cheap writers who have no experience or knowledge. Of the topic they are writing about, what is the chance that they will create valuable content? Not very high in the vast majority of cases. Needless to say, it’s common for businesses to outsource their marketing requirements. But if you use sites that promote £10 writing jobs.

You run the risk of producing low-quality content. If this beats the editorial process (or lack thereof) of a third-party post. The resulting backlink could be detrimental rather than beneficial to your search performance. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the quality of your link building content doesn’t matter. It’s the link you’re looking for, so the mainstay of the article is of secondary importance. If this is your belief, you will shoot yourself in the foot. As Google will seriously downgrade low quality content. Does guest blogging for link building still work? Here’s how to use guest posting to build links and grow your audience with Google. Blog traffic #seo #guestblogging #guestposting #linkbuilding #bloggingtips So what should I do? Add value!

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