And composite blog posts certainly do. Typically, within a single company or business unit, most blog posts Sweden WhatsApp Number List have very similar initial popularity. Not identical, but very close. It’s common that you don’t have a post with 20 views the first week, followed by one that gets a million. If it’s true that your business gets a pretty predictable amount of initial traffic on every blog post, then the difference between composite and Sweden WhatsApp Number List decaying posts becomes clear. If both types of posts get 10,000 visitors in the first week, they’re both doing well for now. But consider what happens next. The decaying post quickly drops to just a few dozen a month. But the composite post continues to grow, reaching more Sweden WhatsApp Number List  and more readers and consistently generating traffic. To be clear, this doesn’t automatically mean that your decaying posts are broken.

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Some posts if you decide to publish them will always decay. Still, the more you can create composite blog posts, the Sweden WhatsApp Number List greater the effect you’ll see on your efforts to increase blog traffic. Do more with less Composing blog posts also lets you do more with less. Hub Spot also found that a composite post gets as many visitors over its lifetime as six decaying posts. That’s a huge difference in overall reach! Being able to do Sweden WhatsApp Number List more (and achieve more and convert more ) with fewer overall posts would be great for most businesses, especially those that have a goal of increasing blog traffic. Here’s another way to see the value of this. Blog posts are not free: you need to pay someone to write them, right? Therefore, Sweden WhatsApp Number List any opportunity to get more traffic with less work is an opportunity you should pursue.

How to Hire Virtual Assistant

Does every composed blog post really help? Here’s one more thing worth noting before we cover how to create Sweden WhatsApp Number List composite blog posts to drive traffic. Not every type of composite post really creates value for every business. For example, a publication that generates recurring traffic from people not interested in your product or service is of Sweden WhatsApp Number List limited value. It can help build authority and increase site visits, but it doesn’t generate conversions. Here’s a simple example: If your company sells accounting software, an evergreen post about tire tread depth or how to change your car oil can increase blog traffic. But it won’t create customers. This is an exaggerated example, but it serves to convey a basic idea. Not Sweden WhatsApp Number List every blog post you can publish will really help you achieve your goals.

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