Use the phrase “you told me they” a lot to justify what you’re presenting and why he should buy. It is interesting to propose  Czech Republic Email List three strategies, a taller one, a more realistic one and a down-to-earth one, and after presenting each one, ask what the client thought. Important points Consultative selling and education Remember we said back Czech Republic Email List there that it’s no use offering a service that is not fully in line with the customer’s pain? And that there is a qualification stage? So it is. Sales must increasingly be consultative sales. It’s more or less like a doctor. The patient goes to the doctor complaining of some pain. Something that is apparent. For example, a headache. That’s the symptom. The doctor will examine and sometimes Czech Republic Email List even order some tests.And then you will be able to see what is the problem that causes the headache.\

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Knowing what the disease is, he will prescribe the medicine for the treatment. That must be your proposal. What will Czech Republic Email List cure this client’s pain. It is also very important to educate the customer in this process. That is, as you ask about the symptoms, make a counterpoint and explain how it can help to cure. And start introducing what your agency does, but still not wanting to sell a service. Use this tactic to prepare the customer for Czech Republic Email List what they will see in the next step, and be aware that what is best for them now. time for results This should be one of the questions in your qualification process and one that should be given your utmost attention. Align deadline expectations for results with the client. In the short, medium or Czech Republic Email List long term. And show which solutions are ideal for each scenario.

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This way, you avoid that the customer is waiting for something that you will not deliver and end up wearing out your business relationship. Identify if it’s a priority now This point must be addressed Czech Republic Email List in the connection and remembered at all times during the sale. Create the urgency for the work to start soon, but mainly to focus your efforts. If solving that problem now isn’t a priority why are we wasting mine and your time? So, does your agency have a well-defined commercial process? “What every advertiser Czech Republic Email List should know about Financial Management”. To download it for free, just click here . In this case, the difference was me, who was Brazilian while everyone was American. Inserting diversity into a work Czech Republic Email List environment doesn’t mean you make things any easier.

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