Video Sizes for Facebook The Facebook works to transform the social network most used in the world in a friendly Senegal Phone Number List platform for videos. It has worked: half a billion people watch at least one video on the platform every day. The problem with working with videos on Facebook is that there are several different formats, each with its own peculiarities and specifications. For content shared on the timeline, there are at least 3 Senegal Phone Number List options. As for advertisements, they are much more. This can confuse anyone who wants to produce video content for Facebook, whether advertising material or not. Check out the list of specifications for each video option below. Video shared on timeline There are two format options for videos Senegal Phone Number List shared on timelines, whether on a fan page or user profile: Landscape and Portrait .

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Video for Facebook The two have the same specs, with only difference in video orientation. technical guide Senegal Phone Number List maximum width: 600 pixels (height will depend on aspect ratio for both formats); Landscape video aspect ratio: 16:9; video aspect ratio Portrait: 9:16 (if linked, change to 16:9); video aspect ratio when rendered in mobile app: 2:3; Maximum video file size: GB; recommended formats: .MP and .MOB; Senegal Phone Number List maximum video length: 120 minutes; Maximum frame rate: 30 fps. 360 video Facebook allows you to display 360 degree videos to users via 360 Video. To record this type of content, you need special cameras. Video for Facebook technical guide maximum dimensions: 4096 x 2048; minimum width: 600 pixels (height depends on aspect ratio); aspect ratio: 2:1; Maximum Senegal Phone Number List video file size : 1.75GB; recommended format: .MP; maximum video length: 40 minutes;

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Maximum frame rate: fps. Ad videos in the feed The most common type of Facebook Ads videos is content Senegal Phone Number List posted and promoted to appear to the user. Facebook frees up two places for these videos to appear: in the user feed or in the right side column. Each of these options supports two different orientations: Square or Landscape videos . Specifications are the same for both. technical guide minimum Senegal Phone Number List dimensions: 600 x 315 for Landscape and 600 x 600 for Square; recommended dimensions: 1280 x 720 for both; aspect ratio: 16:9 for Landscape and 1:1 for Square; Maximum video file size: GB; maximum video length: 120 minutes; Maximum frame rate Marketing on Marketing on Twitter Video on the Senegal Phone Number List carousel ad The Carousel ad format allows the advertiser to place multiple images or videos to appear on users’ timelines.

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