Often while we still have another job, are parents, dog owners, travelers, or just friends. We live our life to the fullest. Bloggers are awesome! 8. Coffee Specialties I already confessed to being addicted to coffee. But I am also a coffee gourmet. I don’t like just any coffee. Love to try specialty brands and beers. I often buy a pack of coffee from a coffee shop if I like their brand. And I also love to try various roasts, brands, and flavors. I would love to have a selection like this: 9. Tea: We need more tea! As much as I would love to, I shouldn’t ONLY drink coffee. So in winter, when it’s cold outside and I love the feel of a warm mug in my hands, I love a nice cup of tea. And many bloggers love to have a steaming cup of tea next to their laptop.

Here is the perfect tea collection for the winter months: let’s get technical I guess most of your blogging friends already have a laptop. It’s the one team bloggers can’t live without. But there is so much more sophisticated technical equipment that we bloggers would love to have. I’m sure you can find some inspiration here to add to your blogging friends’ toys. 10. An external battery Bloggers live with their laptop and mobile phones. Without them, we are basically out of business. When we are traveling and our battery dies, we feel like a smokeless smoker or sitting in the jungle without any contact with the real world. But there is a solution to this problem, an external battery or power bank. It can be a lifesaver! 11. Does it still work on a laptop?

How About A Tablet

I admit that when I travel, I often prefer my tablet for a lot of work on social networks. While I don’t want to write entire blog posts on a tablet, sharing, interacting, and posting to social media can all be done comfortably on a tablet. Also, for browsing the internet and reading blogs, a tablet is usually my first choice. Why not give away a new iPad? It would be amazing motivation for any blogger! 12. Does your friend already have an iPad? How about a new case? Or, if your blogger friend already has an iPad, maybe just a beautiful case Argentina whatsapp number list  might do the trick. Read more books – Kindle Have you counted how many ebooks you have read? I can’t count them anymore. And what better to read all those beautiful books than a Kindle? Not only is it light in your luggage and easy on your hand.

Argentina WhatsApp Number List

Put it on a stand When you do a lot of work with your tablet, you’ll need a stand to put it on or have it next to your laptop. Videos with your phone? You need a tripod! Video is the thing right now. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, video is booming. A mobile phone is usually enough to shoot the video, but a tripod comes in handy when you’re a freelancer and want to shoot a quick video. 16. Always on your knees? A laptop desk is the solution! I admit, I always have my laptop on my lap. Wherever I am, even at home, I rarely sit at a desk. A laptop desk could be the solution, check it out! 17. Just Listening Whether your blogger friend wants to watch YouTube videos or listen to audiobooks or podcasts, they’ll appreciate a simple headset. 18. For Your Ears.

Headphones If Your Friend

Planning on creating a podcast or webinars, a slightly larger headphone may be the best option. 19. Are you going to create Webinars, Podcasts and more? A microphone If your blogger friend is seriously thinking about starting a podcast, you can check out Jonathan’s post on setting up a podcast on a tight budget. Read more books! I have already collected some amazing books on digital marketing and blogging in other blog posts. If you’re looking for a book to give as a gift, check them out. But there are more books that are amazing reading for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Women who change the world 21. Habits of Billionaires 22. Obsess 23. Girls! 24. You need (the right) habits elegant and beautiful Bloggers need a laptop bag! 25. I love these messenger bags for laptops.

For girls, it can be a bit more flashy 27. How about totally classic? Don’t forget to stay fit! I admit, once I became an entrepreneur and blogger, I sometimes struggle to stay in shape and do enough for my body to avoid back pain and other pain. Especially when working on a new project or with a new client, I get so focused that before I know it it’s late and dark and I missed my training again. It’s helpful to have a few small pieces of equipment by your side, whether it’s in your office or at home near your favorite workplace. So here are a few little pieces of equipment that can help a busy blogger fit in a bit of exercise between blog posts and product creation. 28. Gym ball I started using a gym ball when I was working on my PhD.

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