The controversy over what are the main elements of an ideal application form and what it should contain still exists in CREW (conversion rate optimization) circles. In this article we tried to answer the Malaysia Email List question What brings the highest conversion rates ? We decided to analyze the matter in depth and did a split test using data from our databases and asking the opinion of professionals in the field. Number of fields It’s quite true the Malaysia Email List number of fields on your sign-up forms affects your conversion rate. However, the statement “less is more” in this case has something of an urban legend. “I see a lot of forms where companies are asking for a lot of unnecessary information. In fact the only thing you need from users is confirmation Malaysia Email List that they’re open to talking to you and receiving your content” says Stuart McClure, digital marketing analyst at People.

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It is widely known that you can increase your conversion rate by 50% by eliminating one field from the form (for example, reducing the number of fields from four to three). However things never Malaysia Email List work so simply in the digital world. Rushmore recently split test their application forms, and managed to prove the opposite: adding an extra field increased test page traffic by 5%. conversion with registration forms The landing page with the Malaysia Email List additional field “Enter your domain, keyword or URL” in the sign-up form showed better results. The number of users who clicked the “Try it” button was about the same in both campaigns, but users who had the opportunity to enter domain or keyword into the registration form immediately were Malaysia Email List more likely to click the “Submit” button ( we recorded an increase of 5%)

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The chart below shows the most common fields across different industry sectors.We can see that the “Email” field is Malaysia Email List the most used in the application forms, followed by “Name” and the company telephone number (according to Marketing Sherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Report ). conversion with registration forms Graphic: Most used fields in application forms by sector That is, contrary to the widely known rumor, quantity is Malaysia Email List not the key to success, but the need to use a field is. The idea of ​​using fewer fields to increase conversions isn’t completely an urban myth. Naturally, asking your user to provide information for no clear reason would not be a well-received strategy. However, not asking for relevant information to include fewer fields leads to a similar reaction. psychology Taking the above point Malaysia Email List into consideration, the perfect application form should not ask unnecessary questions.

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