Informative Infographics Descriptive Infographics Flowchart Infographics Comparative. Therefore, Infographics (A Versus B).linear Reading Infographics Temporal Selfinfographics with Data and Statisticsinfographics as a Result of a. Thesis or Study/researchinfographics with Hypotheses. I Leave You These Three Examples of Both the Best Infographics of 2014. the First Is from the Buffer Blog . The Second Belongs to the Piktochart Blog , One of the Most Popular. Tools for Creating Infographics. and the Third Is an Explanation from the Marius Marketing Blog on. How to Position a Landing Page, Accompanied by an Infographic That Explains Each Step.

Buffer Blog : 10 Awesome Infographics to Implement Your Marketing Plan Piktochart Blog. 8 Types of Infographics – Which One Is Right for Your Brand?marius Marketing Portugal Phone Number List Seo on Page – the. Therefore, Formula to Create the Perfect Page. 8 265. Post with Manuals or Guides. Guides or Manuals Are Useful Content Formats for Your Audience . In Them You Can Collect and Organize the Best Content Regarding a Specific Topic and Publish It in Such a Way That It Is an Easy-To-Read. Understand and Apply Content Index.

The Best Articles and Linked Pages

Therefore, Your Audience Will Really Appreciate That You Have Organized the Information. It Is a Type of Valuable Content That Users Usually Recommend and Share on Social Networks. Twitter Guide : the 2015 Twitter Guide to Online Marketing for Businessesonline Marketing Manual. 9 Online Marketing and Social Media Guides. It Is Another of the Most Effective Ways to Distribute Content in an Easy Way. on the One Hand, You Are Helping Your Readers as Soon as You Do a Content Curation or a Compilation Around a Specific Topic. on the Other Hand, You Are Creating External Links to Other Pages or Building Content with Internal Links. If You Are Referring to Content Within Your Own Website. with This You Are Building External and Internal Links That Can Help Improve the Seo Positioning of Your Page.

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Therefore, I Will Give You Two Good Examples of Post Content Compilations. Therefore, Strategically Grouped to Offer Your Audience a More Complete Content Around a Theme. Socialancer Blog : Top 25 Social Media Posts in 12 Categories You Care Aboutblog 40 De Fever : Compilation #101: Killer Strategies to Create Relevant Content. 7. Post with Ebooks and Downloadable Content. If, in Addition to Offering Good Value Content, You Give Your Audience the Possibility of Downloading Free Content, You Have a Great Tool for Attracting and Retaining Users and Followers. Therefore, It Is One of the Best Ways to Offer Added Value and the Possibility of Using a Good Downloadable Resource. Here Are Two Other Good Examples:

50 Free and Downloadable Ebooks Aula Cm

Therefore, the Audio Format Makes a Strong Comeback in Online Communication. and It’s Not Just About the Radio or Music Anymore. Platforms Like Itunes and Soundcloud Are Two Channels Where Companies Can Offer Varied and Entertaining Content Marketing. And Why Not Integrate These Platforms with Your Blog or with Your Way of Narrating? You Don’t Have to Stick Only to the Text, Video or Photo Format. Audio Formats Can Help You Make Your Brand, Products and Services Better Known and Establish Closer Communication with Your Followers. Here Are Two Other Good Examples of Social Media:

Therefore, Radio Marketing Blog : Postcast: Online Marketing Plan of a Company in 25 Ideasbruno Vazquez-Dodero ‘S Blog : 22 Essential Keys to Web Positioning in 2014. 4 109. Post with Integrated Slideshar Presentations. Therefore, Slideshare Is One of the Ideal Platforms to Upload, Find and Share Valuable Content. Therefore, Posts That Integrate Slidehare Slides Offer Added Value to Their Readers and Allow Them to Expand and Improve Their Knowledge About a Topic Without the Need to Make a Post That Is Too Long. Therefore, It Could Be a Very Interesting Format for You to Share Your Content and Explain It with Slides. It Also Has the Advantage That You Can Link It to Your Linkedin Profile. Look at This Good Example:

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