Instead, it was designed to focus on some of the fundamental Bolivia Phone Number List questions a company should ask before creating a new piece of collateral or creating a new marketing campaign. Those questions are: Finally I found a way to convert my knowledge in traditional marketing into digital marketing skills. You will be surprise if you know how easy and fun it is.

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To take you through my personal experience, it won’t be long, don’t worry. I came from Italy two years ago, after I finished my degree course in marketing. I wanted to find more job opportunities in England, because I think here every business is marketing orientated and as you can’t do marketing without knowing English.


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I though that with my degree I could find some profession in marketing. Although I have done many job interviews with different companies and agencies I didn’t find the right role for me. I realize that, the skills that the companies wants now are different from the skills that I have learnt during my degree course, for the reason that all the companies are digital orientat. I decided then to find a way to learn how to get into digital.