They will settle back down and start thinking about all the reasons Bahrain Phone Number List why they shouldn’t buy. Alternatively, they will talk to the other decision maker, and because they are not as skilled a presenter or as knowledgeable about the product as your sales person, they will not be able to generate the same level of emotion in their counterpart as they initially experienced themselves and they will decide to pass.

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This reaction is the reason it is so important to have a good Leave Behind, a video or brochure that can remind the potential buyer of all of the important highlights of the sales presentation. This material will allow them to get excited all over again while remembering all of the relevant facts when sharing the information with others.

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Competition and prove that it is a good option

To conclude this section, just remember – If they feel nothing, they buy nothing. Packing Up and Heading Home With Your Catch Conclusion and Summary. Once again, this article was not meant to be an in-depth discussion on all the salient points of commercial marketing. And marketing collateral.