Image option into the premium version of our social sharing plugin. So now to create the images Once I had the beautiful sharing buttons and custom Pinterest upload option available, it was time to start creating the images. I’ve previously shared my social media image templates, but here’s the Pinterest-specific template I use: optimal pinterest image template The size is 735px wide and 1102px tall . Bonus Social Media Image Templates Download all my image templates including my Pinterest template and 3 Iran Phone Number! Descargar For each blog post I wrote, I created both a standard title image and a Pinterest image .

In the first month of using Social Warfare and Pinterest images, my Iran Phone Number traffic increased by 361%. Fast forward 1 year later and the total amount of traffic receives from Pinterest has increased 1,937% year over year. Pinterest traffic is now over 50% of total social Iran Phone Number traffic sent to using pinterest strategy and social warfare graph The big trick here : I actually blogged less in 2014 than I did in 2013. Let that sink in. I wrote less on the blog. My traffic skyrocketed . How can you increase your own traffic from Pinterest? That’s great Dustin, good for you. Hurrah. So how do I do what you did? I’m glad you asked.

Create The Iran Phone Number Images

The first thing you need to do is commit to creating a Pinterest-specific image for each blog post . You can steal my template above (or better yet, steal all my social image templates). Choose a graphic design software that works for you, such as: Canva pixlr editor Photoshop I’ve compiled a Iran phone number comprehensive list of my most recommended desktop apps and mobile apps for creating visual content. Find the one that best suits your needs and stick to it. Also make sure your images are: Easy to read . You want to tell Iran Phone Number what to expect when they click. Brightly colored . Warmer color images tend to perform better. High quality . Stock photography or cheap images that have been clearly distorted and/or pixelated are not allowed.

Iran Phone Number

Even if you’re not a graphic designer, you can create Iran Phone Number that don’t suck if you follow my three visual content design principles. 2.Make sharing easy You can get a copy of Social Warfare for yourself and then you’ll have everything you need. But if you prefer some free alternatives, I recommend (all WordPress plugins ) : Social Warfare (free) Simple Genesis Share add this share this DiggDigg Share Jet Pack Sharaholic Neither of the above options will allow you to upload a custom image from Pinterest like Social Warfare does. All you have to do is place your Pinterest image somewhere on the page and hope that people will share it.

If You Find Iran Phone Number Any Plugin

Social Warfare that allows sharing custom Pinterest Iran Phone Number, please let me know. 3. Stay active on Pinterest One of the best things about Pinterest is that it’s not complicated. You don’t have to spend hours figuring it out and sharing stuff. A few minutes invested every day can go a long way: Start some relevant boards Pin 5-10 times a day Follow people who pin things Iran Phone Number to you if consistent I recommend starting by following some of the Pinterest pros like Peg Fitzpatrick, Rebekah Radice, and Jeff Sieh. Oh, and I guess you can follow me. Go be Pintastic! If you follow these steps, I guarantee you’ll start to see Pinterest traffic to your site go up and up.

Social media image templates Bonus Social Media Image Templates Simply add your email below and click the Download button and I will email you my four social media image templates that will allow you to create all kinds of images for each social network. Once you build your momentum on Pinterest, you’ll start to see that Pinterest has big long-term benefits too. Pins have a lot of permanent value and can continue to see action long after they’re first pinned. This is how you crush a content marketing strategy Published: 2015-02-28 A simple editorial calendar strategy can greatly increase your productivity and Iran Phone Number. A great man once said that “if you don’t plan, you Iran Phone Number to fail.”

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