The first is the latent stage , that is, when there are favorable circumstances for a disagreement. This can happen, for example, when teams in a company Sweden Email List work with very different goals . The second stage is that of cognitive and emotional awareness of differences. Therefore, this step is when there is a common understanding that there is a problem to be managed. The outcome is the third stage. It can Sweden Email List be further divided between constructive and destructive outcome . In the first case, it is possible to manage it well and find an answer to the problem pointed out. The case of the destructive outcome, however, does not generate gains for either side. Finally, the last stage is the action stage , when the Sweden Email List company will act in such a way that that conflict does not happen again.

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This is the part where you learn from your mistakes and make efforts to develop and grow Sweden Email List from them, doing your best not to make them again. Stay with us to understand the main conflict management strategies. Conflict Management Strategies There are five approaches to handling conflicting situations . It is necessary to have a full understanding of the situation and each of the Sweden Email List approaches to know which is the best application for the given situation. It is even possible that different approaches are used for different contributors. Therefore, always try to understand the whole context in order to choose the most relevant strategy for the case. 1. Evasive approach In this case, those involved conclude that it is not worth working on the conflict . This Sweden Email List happens in small situations where it’s not worth fighting for the point of view.

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An example is when the employee disagrees with a point of view coming from a senior position and has nothing to offer to make it different. 2. Conciliatory Sweden Email List approach This approach is an attempt to manage the conflict, but it faces an impasse. In it, a part will have to give up its point of view. The conciliatory approach needs attention as it can lead to accommodation. 3. Competitive approach Here there is an impasse. Usually, whoever has more power wins . In the case of Sweden Email List an impasse between two people with the same level of power, an obstacle occurs. This approach is commonly used when one party has more power than the other. 4. Compromising approach The compromise approach is all about negotiation . It Sweden Email List requires a lot of situational awareness, a good deadline (in a matter of time) and an understanding.

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