Stop The Spread is not just a foreign movement and Brazil also has CEO who participate in this action Ivan DE Hong Kong Email List Sousa May 24th, 20th | Reading: min Stop the Spread: CEO Unite Against New Corona virus The new corona virus pandemic has caused major impacts worldwide, such as social isolation, changes in the way of working and a reduction in economic activity. To minimize the effects of the crisis caused Hong Kong Email List by the disease, the Stop The Spread Movement was launched. The initiative has the support of entrepreneurs who are committed to minimizing the effects of this virus on society. The pandemic forced state governors to enact quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. All over the world, Hong Kong Email List companies and the public sector are taking steps to prevent an increase in the number of those infected with Ovid-19.

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CEO together against the new corona virus According to a map , prepared by the John Hopkins University (USA), Hong Kong Email List the world had more than 1,218,119 million people infected by the corona virus, with 64,235 fatal cases, until the 5th of April. These numbers show that steps need to be taken to minimize the effects of the pandemic. Entrepreneurs from around the world, inspired by the Stop The Spread Movement, are committing to take actions to prevent an increase in cases, which helps to preserve lives. One of Hong Kong Email List the most important actions involves the adoption of teleworking , which encompasses employees and leaders. The initiative is a way to reduce the movement of people and prevent the spread of the disease. With the same objective, companies are preventing employees from Hong Kong Email List participating in non-mandatory public events, regardless of size.

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Another important action is the payment to suppliers and self-employed for services that will still be provided, in case they are unable to act remotely. Organizations involved with Stop The Spread Hong Kong Email List are also supporting hospitals and healthcare professionals with financial resources and equipment to help fight the disease. Recommendations The movement also has an educational nature, as participating companies encourage Hong Kong Email List employees and people close to them to follow a series of procedures, such as: adhere to prevention and hygiene actions identified by the Ministry of Health to minimize the proliferation of Ovid-19; stop going to bars, gyms, restaurants and group meetings; seek actions to support small businesses and their Hong Kong Email List workers during the crisis; support health professionals involved in fighting the disease; avoid stocking goods so that other people do not run out of items;

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