Make sure you put a link to your website or blog within the first 117 characters. That way, during your broadcast, you can direct people to your bio so they can find a link to your website if they want to know more about you. #ProTip: Add your website URL to your #Periscope bio. This is HUGE! click to tweet If you’re really looking to develop a strong online presence, this is a no-brainer. Just do it. These links are not clickable on the mobile app, but they are on the desktop app, and that’s something at least. Set up some IFTTT recipes iftt home page The only social network currently integrated with Periscope is Twitter. Which makes sense, because Greece Phone Number owns it.

For those of us who are a bit more “Greece Phone Number” than that and want to spread. Our Periscope streams to other platforms. We need to find an easy solution to make this happen. With IFTTT you can connect many of your social channels, including (but not limited to). Facebook LinkedIn Reddit Instagram Buffer Obviously with Buffer and App net the possibilities are greatly expanded as both have more social channels that can be connected. There are dozens of other channels you could potentially connect to to help further distribute your live streams, automatically . Here is the recipe I use for Facebook: This says that Greece Phone Number I tweet something with the #Periscope hashtag.

It Will Automatically Greece Phone Number Be Shared

On my Facebook profile with the link to the stream. Since Periscope automatically posts a “Live on #Periscope” tweet with a link to your broadcast when it starts, IFTTT automatically shares it to Facebook if you’ve enabled this recipe. Note, however, that this also means that if you share Greece phone number someone else’s stream on Twitter, the IFTTT recipe will pick it up as well. So you may want to change the hashtag in the recipe to something more personalized and then make sure to add that Greece Phone Number yourself to your stream titles. Many thanks to @iSocialFanz who helped me figure this out! Take a look at IFTTT and see if there are any Greece Phone Number you can use to help expand the reach of your streams.

Greece Phone Number

Facebook! click to tweet Greece Phone Number headlines on twitter edit periscope headline on twitter You are allowed to have up to 120 characters for the title of your broadcast. But when your broadcast is tweeted, all 120 characters will not be displayed . “LIVE on #Periscope:” will be automatically added to the tweet about your stream, so you won’t be allowed to use the full 140 characters that Twitter normally allows. But on top of that, the link to your stream will take up another 22 characters, leaving you with just 97 characters for your title. That’s a lot to work with. Especially considering headlines can include emoji. So if you really want to take the guesswork out of making sure your headline is the right size, my advice is to draft your headline on Twitter first.

Make Sure Your Greece Phone Number Headline Leaves

At least 43 characters in the Twitter compose box, then copy and paste it into your Periscope headline. #ProTip: Preset #Periscope headlines on @Twitter to maximize your characters! click to tweet your opening shot periscope video thumbnails When you first press the stream Greece Phone Number. Whatever your camera is pointing at will become the video thumbnail preview for your stream. So keep in mind that this is what people will see when they watch your stream on their stream. You’ll also notice that it’s the rear camera that’s active when you start streaming, and you can’t change this.

My suggestion is to use this as an opportunity to add some visual appeal or context. Try one of these ideas: Show the home page of your website (my favorite). Show a handwritten note Show a chart of some kind. Donna Moritz does it well Show your face (Blake Croft does this often.  Doing this will make your stream stand out in the feed of all the completely random. Screenshots from people who don’t notice this little quirk. ProTip: Your first shot when you hit Broadcast is what will be seen on the #Periscope Greece Phone Number. Click to tweet have something to say loki has nothing to say. There’s nothing more annoying than jumping into a stream. where all the person is doing is saying “ask me questions.”

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