Clasping hands behind the back indicates that a person is feeling bored, anxious, or even angry.
Rapidly tapping your fingers or fidgeting is equally a sign of boredom, impatience, or frustration.
Crossed legs can indicate that a person is feeling overwhelmed and needs privacy.
The way of exposing the body is also body language that sellers must know.
The term “Posture” refers to this, and for salespeople who “Listen” with their eyes, it can convey a great deal of information about someone’s feelings and personality traits, especially whether they are confident, open, or submissive. .

Sitting up straight, for example, can indicate that


a person is concentrating and paying attention to what is happening. Sitting with the body hunched forward denotes boredom or indifference.

“Open” postures, with the trunk exposed, indicate friendliness, openness and disposition.

“Closed” postures, keeping the torso hidden or hunched forward, are an indicator of hostility, animosity and/or anxiety.

The theme is wide and fascinating.

To properly know everything involved and apply it profitably, in-depth study is essential. And then systematic practice, until you accumulate the necessary experience. Professional salespeople cannot pass it off as “fortune tellers or palm readers” on this matter. The Media Directors Email Lists subject is serious, and the benefits can be proportional to the interest and importance given to it.

The message, as far as these lines are concerned

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, is of a conceptual nature, not an intention to deepen aspects of body language. The message is related to the mental processes of the professional salesperson : all the senses must be involved in the trade, and intuition must guide them.

It seems incongruous, but it is one of the best strategic recommendations: salespeople “Listen” with their eyes. They become aware that what they see is relevant, and what they hear is not.He asked me: how do you know when is the right time to start selling full time? , that is, to know a little , when should more time be devoted to sales than to other activities related to the business?

And it is a fairly common situation, did you also start in the same way?

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