Rafal Tomal. I met with him for an hour to teach me some of the things I hadn’t fully understood. It was an amazing session and I am so grateful for his help! My good friend Danny Caudillo was instrumental in helping me become a professional designer. The guy has taught me more about Photoshop than I can ever write. He is also a great web designer. And whenever there’s something I can’t understand, the first person IinsectI ask is Nicholas Cardot. He is the genius developer behind our Social Warfare plugin. And lastly, I got critical last minute help from David Kutcher, who let me know that my font wasn’t loading properly. You’ll see how ironic that is as you read the rest of this post.

Thanks, David! A series of well thought-out choices Whenever you begin a design process, you must begin with the message. What are you trying to communicate and to whom are you trying to communicate it? This is the hardest part and often a person skips it or doesn’t dive deep enough. Fortunately, I have been growing my audience and building my brand with this in mind for the last 4 years. I just needed to spend a little time refining the message. I kept it simple: dustinstout.com is a place people go for advice, tips, resources, and creative inspiration for their online endeavors. Therefore, any design choice I made had to be content-focused, clutter-free, and visually appealing.

The New Zealand Phone Number Main Reason

I was able to pull off this redesign so quickly is mainly due to the fact that I’m using a Studio Press theme New Zealand Phone Number as a starting point. This saves me hours of design and development time and they even look great right out of the box. Typography One of the most important design choices you’ll make New Zealand phone number for your website is typography. I recently heard one of my design idols say: chase-reeves “Web design is 90% typography.” -Chase Reeves, Fizzle.co I agree with him. In fact, hearing him say that led me on a journey to research what other people had thought about that New Zealand Phone Number and I ended up coming across a great iA blog post titled Web Design Is 95% Typography.

New Zealand Phone Number

It’s well worth reading, and it’s still relevant even 9 years after it was written. With that in mind, I knew there were some shortcomings with last year’s redesign and my typographic choices that I wanted to rectify this year. typefaces from dustinstout.com The fonts I decided on are: sans open Playfair Screen Both fonts are provided by Google Web Fonts completely free of charge. I highly New Zealand Phone Number using Google Web Fonts in your own designs. The main driving typeface you’ll see is Open Sans . Its smooth, crisp lines make it an excellent general-read type. This font will be used for the body, paragraph, calls to action, and most headline text. To complement the main font, I chose Playfair Display to add a bit of sparkle to specific text, like quotes, certain headlines, and the occasional big text.

I Really Loved New Zealand Phone Number The Curved Lines

And movement that the type creates in contrast to the New Zealand Phone Number lines of Open Sans. Staying true to my article on creating an awesome reading experience, I’ve taken great care to make sure my paragraph text doesn’t exceed 75 characters per line and is a minimum of 1.5 line height. I still have some tweaking to do on smaller screens, but it’s about 98% complete as I write this. Action inspires action One of the theories I wanted to test with this redesign was the idea that action inspires action . Sense, When an actionable item displays interactivity, it is more likely to be acted upon. Or in other words, make it obvious that your calls to action are interactive .

If they look static, it’s easy for a user to miss that it’s actionable. So when I designed the buttons, the blog post featured images (on the blog page), as well as the popular post links, there is a consistent subtle hover effect. When you hover your mouse over certain clickable elements, they subtly New Zealand Phone Number, showing you that they are interactive. button interactions While this theory is not supported by much research, I know that for me (and a few others) this is true; when I hover over something and it interacts with the mouse, it draws my New Zealand Phone Number and I’m much more inclined to take further action . So I hope you will enjoy my lovely hover effects.

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