If you don’t offer that, in many cases it will simply result in lower conversion rates and customer satisfaction figures. A missed opportunity, which is relatively easy to pick up. 11. Globalization and China’s Growth The impact of globalization and the growth of China is very noticeable on the internet. Due to, among other things, the ultimate economies of scale that the internet offers and the importance of data, large, international parties are becoming increasingly larger. They simply often have more data at their disposal than the competition, can experiment more, can earn back technological investments over many more orders and also have access to much more capital.

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Alibaba singles day sales. Image source.  Business Insider Some data Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List showing how China is developing: During the last Singles Day, Alibaba generated a turnover of more than 84 billion (!) dollars. During Singles Day, more than 500,000 (!) orders are placed per second during peak times. An almost Chile WhatsApp Number List unbelievable number. Live shopping is playing an increasingly important role in China. A well-known influencer sold more than $1.7 billion worth of products on Alibaba’s Singles Day in a 12-hour live stream. Even before the event had even officially started. WeChat currently has 1.1 billion monthly active users. A number that continues to grow.

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Placed On Indeed

Of all the time people spend on the CW Leads internet on their mobile, they spend more than 30% on WeChat. China has a population of approximately 1.4 billion and about 939 million internet users. Last year, the number of internet users grew by more than 85 million people. Watch out for tech giants like Amazon and Alibaba Superpowers such as Amazon and Alibaba will not fail to conquer the world further. It is therefore very important for advertisers to see how you can benefit from this. Many retailers have been taking advantage of this development for some time, by successfully selling across borders via these platforms. Naturally, this also creates major dilemmas.

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