Twitter should not be seen as a “question and answer” social network, and live broadcasts are a way to break that. Live videos already have the characteristic of being natural, instantaneous Venezuela WhatsApp Number List  and “uncut” content , and this makes all the difference when approaching the audience and the persona . So, invest in lives to show the essence of your brand. In the era of Influence Marketing and the growing Venezuela WhatsApp Number List appreciation of real figures, make your brand more personalized! Wide prominence Twitter has a tool that highlights issues that are on the rise around the world the “Affairs of the Moment” (or “Trending Topics” in English). However, as the volume of daily tweets is so high, it’s Venezuela WhatsApp Number List harder to gain recognition.

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The good news is that the lives have their own category! When the social network understands that your Venezuela WhatsApp Number List content is relevant at the moment, it stands out. As already mentioned, the fact that fewer people use the resource makes recognition more achievable . Greater engagement Data show that the engagement of live broadcasts is greater Venezuela WhatsApp Number List than that of regular videos. With that, we don’t even need to say anything else! Greater engagement means opening doors that reach other important metrics such as reposing (called retweets on the social network), likes and even sharing the content on other social networks based on Venezuela WhatsApp Number List testimonials, prints or dissemination of the link to that content.

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Greater possibility of interaction It’s not just your page that will be promoting content in real time! As we’ve Venezuela WhatsApp Number List advanced here, the reader can also comment on whatever they want as the live is broadcast . While the resource is rich, you need to be prepared to deal with live testimonials: that idea of ​​unfiltered content really happens. Therefore, be prepared for the possibility of coming face to face with a complaint Venezuela WhatsApp Number List or even an offense. The ideal is not to show (through facial expressions, for example) comments that could affect the progress of your transmission. One of the most important points when creating strategies of this type is to value transparency . Find an opportune time to talk to that Venezuela WhatsApp Number List person when the comment is constructive and really makes sense.

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