Daniel Morales June 28, 19 | Reading: min Cross merchandising: what is it, how to use it and types Every customer thinks they buy only rationally. At the same time, every (good) salesperson knows that rationality and logic UAE Phone Number List are not even half of the decision factor. Emotion is key in the quest for customer trust , and those who understand the rules of this game get much more expressive results than most. But the question still remains: what can you do to ensure that both UAE Phone Number List the customer’s emotion and reason say “Yes” to your products? One of the best ways to achieve this is with Cross Merchandising. In this article, we’ll show you: What is Cross Merchandising? How can Cross Merchandising help sales? ​7 Tips for Using Cross Merchandising Masterfully UAE Phone Number List What are the 2 simple types of Cross Merchandising you need to apply? Come on?

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​What is Cross Merchandising? First of all, the explanation of the term: the English term “cross” means “cross”, while “merchandising” relates UAE Phone Number List to advertising of products and services. Thus, the term represents a kind of cross-promotion of products. But what does this mean in practice? Quite directly, Cross Merchandising is the practice of putting products from different categories side UAE Phone Number List by side in order to increase sales . It may seem strange at first, but think about the big retail chains and how they do it all the time. Of course, the choice of which products will be put together is not random. On the contrary, the idea is to use items that, despite apparently not having the same final objective, UAE Phone Number List complement each other perfectly — even if only in the customer’s mind.

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How can Cross Merchandising help sales? As already mentioned, Cross Merchandising has been used for a long time by major retail chains around the world. UAE Phone Number List These companies have professionals who specialize in consumer behavior, so we can say without fear that the tactic works. What is the logic behind it? By placing products that complement each other side by side, it is possible to stimulate the desire to buy more acutely. In other words, the customer convinces himself to UAE Phone Number List buy more than he initially thought . But what leads to this? The direct and immediate association the brain makes between products and the benefits they present. That’s why you usually go to the market and see small stations of various types, such as the traditional stall with all the necessary UAE Phone Number List items for barbecue (from faro faro the meat board).

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