WordPress. In this way, the team not only advises clients on what they should do, but also why they should do it. Let’s see an example? Some entrepreneurs or even marketers who use WordPress Paraguay WhatsApp Number List have no problem using a “ pirated template ”, that is, a theme that you would need to buy, but can download for free from dubious sites. This is very dangerous because, as we said above, viruses can be inserted by hackers into Paraguay WhatsApp Number List themes before they are made available for download on unofficial websites, which can cause slowdowns, data leakage, website down, among other consequences. Therefore, guiding the customer to do the right thing (which, in this case, is to use one of the themes offered by Paraguay WhatsApp Number List Stage or, if you prefer to see more options, buy from official sources like Theme Forest ) is one of the tasks.

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While the Stage team cannot directly solve the customer’s problem, they will certainly point the way to how to do this. Another example: if the client needs a deb to create, change or optimize some Paraguay WhatsApp Number List element of the website, although we don’t have this type of service, we can recommend a trusted developer to do it. Examples of growth generated by Stage Well, but Rock Content talking about the Stage’s efficiency is very Paraguay WhatsApp Number List suspicious, isn’t it? So, to finish the article, here are three examples of companies that managed to achieve incredible results after being hired! Katakana The Katakana is a focused automotive company to the aftermarket for light vehicles, trucks and motorcycles. His Paraguay WhatsApp Number List biggest challenge was getting the brand organic visibility on Google so it could be found by its audience in search results.

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After migrating her blog to Stage, she managed to increase the reach of her publications by 1129% , as shown in the screenshot below. digital business Lyceum The Lyceum is an educational Paraguay WhatsApp Number List management system and had difficulty optimizing site performance as the priority of his team was to meet the company’s customers, which prevented domestic development. By hiring Stage, the marketing team had more Paraguay WhatsApp Number List freedom to fulfill its functions and the website’s speed increased due to the improvement of the infrastructure. An example of this: the loading speed is now 1.88 seconds . digital business Diego Oliver, Senior Marketing Analyst at Lyceum said: “The biggest benefit Stage Paraguay WhatsApp Number List has brought us is increasing conversions and blog performance.

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