There are brands and brands. Some manage to captivate, retain and make their consumers become advocates of their product or service . Others not. Harley-Davidson, Rolex, Apple, Lego and Nintendo are just a few examples of Mayotte Email List successful branding strategies. But the darling of the moment has a name: Netflix. The subscription platform is the most loved in Brazil and ranks third when we talk about a world ranking. And that translates into staggering numbers: more Mayotte Email List than 109 million subscribers; 1 billion hours of video consumption per week; 40 million followers on Facebook; nearly 4 million followers on American Twitter alone; nearly 2.5 million subscribers to the YouTube channel. All this added value makes the company valued at approximately 60 billion Mayotte Email List dollars. Not bad for a company that is only 10 years old providing the streaming service.

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But why? It is obvious that quality service, good platform performance and charging a fair price for services are determining factors for success. But there is Mayotte Email List more. Netflix can teach valuable digital marketing lessons . In this article, you’ll see some reasons why this company is an example to be followed by any entrepreneur. Original content production In 1997, Netflix started its activities. At that time, the Mayotte Email List service functioned like a movie delivery service. That’s right, the consumer could request to rent the movie from his own home. Ten years later, the streaming platform was launched, more or less as we know it today. But the company wanted more, and soon began producing original content. Today, this type of Mayotte Email List content represents about 40% of its collection . It seems odd to say this, but Netflix also invests in content marketing .

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It works a little differently, as the product itself is responsible for capturing leads and conversions. But the truth is that the company also has a blog, newsletter and uses all the elements of inbound marketing, such as social Mayotte Email List media, email marketing and relevant metrics. In a peculiar way, it’s true. However, content production is something they do masterfully. With an enviable uncatalogued, they invest in the most diverse video formats. See some examples below: Series Perhaps this is the company’s strength. The Mayotte Email List sequential episodes use elements of storytelling , which retains the user. Some of the best known are Stranger Things, House of Cards, Marcos, Orange is the new Black and Black Mirror. Films Netflix also produces its own original films. Beasts of No Mayotte Email List Nation, i Boy and Okla are among the most popular. Documentaries Some self-created documentaries such as Strong Island,

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