Read on! In what areas can this strategy be useful? To understand the usefulness of Interactive Marketing, you need to be aware that this is a strategy that Mauritania Email List focuses on exchanging information with the audience . So, if you want to implement it in your company, start by forgetting the idea that your brand is in control of the relationship with customers. In the marketing 4.0 era , audiences are at the top of the Mauritania Email List market hierarchy, giving them the power to dictate trends, even if indirectly. What does that mean? The answer is simple: To execute the strategy properly, you need to start capturing the persona’s preferences and shaping your approach accordingly. data capture We arrived, then, at the first objective that can Mauritania Email List benefit from the practice of Interactive Marketing: data intelligence.

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Working with data mining is something that has become essential in the current scenario, largely due to the modern consumer’s preference for personalized Mauritania Email List actions. More than that, capturing data is essential for the company to develop its actions properly, focusing, for example, on the most suitable target audience for its contents. Having access to audience demographics such as age, education and location is crucial to creating well-targeted campaigns. If you have Mauritania Email List some experience in the subject, you know the most used practices to gather this kind of knowledge, don’t you? Questionnaires, surveys, landing pages and quizzes are very relevant resources in this regard. What Interactive Marketing does is to leverage its results by capturing the interest of the Mauritania Email List public. A survey focused on this type of strategy polled more than 20,000 marketers and reached a very suggestive result.

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Want an example? Imagine that a potential customer arrives at your landing page and is faced with quizzes and other elements with interactivity Mauritania Email List characteristics. This simple detail can be enough for him to spend more time on the page, either answering the questionnaire or looking for more information about the company. While increasing conversion possibilities, quizzes serve a much greater purpose. Mauritania Email List With the answers left by the visitor, you can get a better idea about the stage of the funnel he is in and his preferences. So, even if the landing page doesn’t convert, it will be useful to deepen your knowledge of the persona. Lead Nutrition Data capture is essential for you to develop a strategy capable of generating leads and converting them into customers. However, for Mauritania Email List this conversion to happen, there needs to be a well-done nutrition approach that is able to differentiate.

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