In recent decades, markets have gone through many transformations. Both companies have been looking for different ways to work their Marketing and consumers have now Dominican Republic Phone Number List become more demanding, eager for products and services that deliver added value to them, as is done in complex sales . However, the way some companies sell has not changed over time, as there are still sellers whose only concern is to persuade the customer, speak well about their product until they are convinced to buy, thus earning commission and hitting the target at the end of the month. It is logical that the sales professional needs to make the customer buy at Dominican Republic Phone Number List the end of the process and reaching the goal is necessary for the company to reach its objective. But, in this Dominican Republic Phone Number List changing landscape, it is essential that the sales process change as well,

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As customers are no longer interested in hearing a salesperson say how good their solution is, but how effective it can be in meeting their needs and desires. Therefore, we will first try to understand Dominican Republic Phone Number List what simple selling and complex selling are, and then analyze what are the main differences between the two. What is Simple Selling? Simple sale is the type of sale made by retail sellers, such as in stores, mall, etc. Most of the customers who go to these establishments are already interested in Dominican Republic Phone Number List some product and it is up to the seller to convince them that they should buy at that moment. Therefore, the techniques used here are closure and can be divided into two types: guessing and or/or . In closing the assumption, the seller assumes what the consumer’s preferences are Dominican Republic Phone Number List after observing him well and tries to make the sale quickly based on this observation.

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For example: a person goes to a shoe store and sees which shoe models are on sale. It doesn’t take long for the Dominican Republic Phone Number List seller to appear who has already looked at the person’s profile to guess what might please them — he comes over and says: – Hello sir! How can I help? “I’m going to an event and I need to buy a shoe. — This model matches your profile very well. Can I get it for you to try? Now let’s imagine that the same person in the example tries on the shoe and doesn’t buy it right away because Dominican Republic Phone Number List the event will only take place for a month. How many sales are not lost because the customer says he needs to think and analyze and then, who knows, buy the product? This is because he has no urgency to buy and this is what the good seller needs to awaken in the customer. And in simple Dominican Republic Phone Number List selling, an effective way to create urgency is to use the either/or technique .

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