Imagine if each of us had to buy a car in order to get around. We would have a much greater production need and Russia WhatsApp Number List that will erode our natural resources. From the moment we use the time when the car would be stopped with other people using it, we reduce the need for natural resources as well, among a number of other factors. One Russia WhatsApp Number List of his functions at the foundation is to promote the adoption of the IOTA by individuals, groups and companies. How does communication work for each of these sectors, since they have different demands? Communication has to be done on a global level and not just on the communication Russia WhatsApp Number List front with partners and industry segments. There is also communication for developers and investors.

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There is a good portion of these stakeholders interested in the IOTA and who work on the assets side, trade and Russia WhatsApp Number List invest in the currency. So, we have to diversify our lines of action in communication. Today, we act more strongly on social media. We are on Twitter, LinkedIn and these networks are a source of first impact communication. After that moment, another type of communication that we develop is more Russia WhatsApp Number List centered on who is really interested. It is carried out by Discord, a direct communication channel that even counts on the members of the IOTA foundation. We have Discord open and it has several Russia WhatsApp Number List fronts: technology, research, development, application of use cases.

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In this space, we usually engage more in conversations. Another bridge that has been built here in Brazil is the Russia WhatsApp Number List events. There are events from the DOLT segment itself, in which we present our platform, but there are also directorial events. Another interesting aspect is also Content Marketing, because as we sometimes serve on different industrial fronts, we need to create relevant content to attract the interest of Russia WhatsApp Number List  these participants. So they understand that they can use IOTA technology regardless of whether the financial asset is cryptocurrency. You first worked as an ambassador for the IOTA Foundation and now you are a Market Developer. How was the Content Marketing structuring process Russia WhatsApp Number List when it started to play this last role?

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