More than 75 billion pins have been uploaded to Pinterest (as of September 2016) And that number continues to grow rapidly. 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins (source). And 75% of pins come from businesses. Adding a pin it button to your blog posts is a great way to start getting your pins on Pinterest. Pinterest has always been the favorite of women, but men also represent a relevant group! In 2014, 79% of Pinterest users were women. But in 2016 already 40% of the people who registered on Pinterest were men. Image source eMarketer 4. Pinterest users are “young” 67% of Pinterest users are under 40 years old. Most pinners are between 18 and 29 years old. Image source: Global Media Insight 5.

On average, 1 pin gets 11 repins and generates 6 website visits The social process of sharing a post and sharing it again is very much alive on Pinterest. On average, a pin gets 11 repins, but many pins get much more. And these repins, combined with Pinterest’s smart feed, have the power to keep your pin and repin alive for days, weeks, or even years. Image Source: Shopify While some pins go “viral” or “pop” as Pinterest users like to call it and drive endless traffic for months, other pins just drop dead. You never know if and when a pin will start generating traffic, you can just make sure everything is set up in the best possible way to make a pin stand out. Image source: Global Media Insight 6.

Pins Influence Purchase

Decisions 87% of people on Pinterest have bought a product thanks to Pinterest. 93% use Pinterest to plan a future purchase. To give you a first idea of ​​why Pinterest should be on your radar for marketing, whether you’re developing a new blog or running a small business, you need to know some Honduras whatsapp number list  numbers and facts about Pinterest. Pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pinterestfacts #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediafacts. According to Pinterest, 93% bought online in the last 6 months. And a Shopify study claims that the average value of sales for Pinterest visitors is $50 higher than for other traffic sources. 7. Pinterest has immense power to generate traffic According to Shareaholic, Pinterest is the second best social network when it comes to driving traffic to a website, right behind Facebook. Pinterest accounts for over 5% of all referral traffic.

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Compared to more than 25% of Facebook and less than 1% of all other social networks image source Shareaholic 8. Pinterest users are mobile In 2014, already 75% of all Pinterest traffic came from mobile devices. By 2015, that number was already 80%. Image Source: Shopify In addition, the number of mobile orders from Pinterest has increased by 140% in the last 2 years. To give you a first idea of ​​why Pinterest should be on your radar for marketing, no matter if you’re developing a new blog or running a small business, here are numbers and facts about Pinterest for you. That’s one of the main reasons why our pins should be mobile-friendly, which means using light colors and backgrounds large enough that the text is still readable on mobile devices.

Now Even More Pinners

Are on mobile. As of 2019, 85% of Pinners use Pinterest on mobile devices 9. The half-life of a pin is 3.5 months (!) While the lifespan of a tweet is less than 10 minutes, a pin can get 50% of your engagement after 3.5 months. That is incredible. That makes evergreen images even more valuable because a pin will still be relevant months after it’s been pinned. 10. Having the most followers is not the key to success. Unlike other social networks, you can reach more people with your pin than the total number of your followers. Many users discover pins through the search function. In fact, many Pinterest experts claim that Pinterest is not a social network but rather a search engine. image source Sprout Social In other words: Even if you only have a handful of followers on Pinterest.

Your pins still have a chance of going viral, if you do Pinterest SEO right. 11. Promoted Pins Get You Extra “Free” Impressions Promoted Pins perform as well or even better than “regular” Pins. Additionally, advertisers see their earned impressions (free, ad-free) increased by 20% over their paid campaigns. The pins can have a long life. The same goes for promoted pins, even after a paid campaign ends. 12. There are more than 2 billion searches every month That makes Pinterest a very powerful search engine! And it also means that the key to success on Pinterest has a lot to do with keywords! 13. Pinterest users are ready to buy 48% of pinners are on Pinterest to find products to buy. Image Source: eMarketer 14. Related Pins Account for 40% of Engagement People don’t just engage with the pins of people they follow.

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