Each one of them must be clearly described, evidencing its objective, related area, resources demanded for its execution, time needed for its conclusion, among other information. 2. Assess the deadline Nigeria Phone Number List for each task Next, you need to consider how long each task takes to complete. The time sheet model can be used at this time, after all, the more complex and related to the business differential, the greater the dedication of Nigeria Phone Number List hours worked for its completion. At this stage, it is clear that the priority is not only related to the order in which the tasks must be performed , but which are more important for the result. Thus, the time devoted to each of them may vary. 3. Define the priority criteria your business will use As Nigeria Phone Number List we already mentioned in this post, tasks can be classified in different ways, for example:

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Mandatory which will define the direction of the following tasks; dependents – which can be influenced by Nigeria Phone Number List external, internal factors, legislation, contracts, etc.; related to the business differential, requiring more time to execute; task complexity requiring more time and specialized professionals; financial importance as some contracts and customers represent a greater economic percentage of the business’ finances; status as some contracts may be more important to the image of the business and Nigeria Phone Number List therefore may have special priorities and workflows; urgency as some tasks need to be done within a period of time or they Nigeria Phone Number List  expire, as is the case with a social media campaign to take advantage of a hot hashtag and topic.

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Therefore, each business must map what its priorities are and, based on them, classify its tasks. 4. Make a Nigeria Phone Number List visual organization for tasks After determining the criteria and ranking the priorities, it is necessary to have the model applied and followed by the collaborators. For this, visually organizing by color and workflow is essential. Such studies can be used to support rules in management systems and to train Nigeria Phone Number List  employees involved in the processes, after all, one of the objectives of creating priorities is for the work flow to take place without the need for management intervention, isn’t it same? You may also be interested in this Nigeria Phone Number List content! ICE score: what is it, how does it work and how to apply this methodology?

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