After all, not just anyone can buy the product or service, sometimes because of the price or because, sometimes Lebanon Phone Number List because it is not compatible with all types of consumers. For this reason, it is common for some companies that offer complex solutions to carry out a kind of “screening” to find out whether or not that prospect has the profile of being successful and satisfied in contracting the service. After all, maintaining the customer base is the third difficulty of this type of sale, especially in Lebanon Phone Number List products or services that generate recurring income that can become an up sell or, in the saddest of cases, a churn . Content Marketing can help both in building strong authority through useful and informative Lebanon Phone Number List articles for your audience and in expanding your market .

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After all, if the niche in which a company operates is little known, why not generate content that talks more about it Lebanon Phone Number List and, thus, attract a growing audience? And as within this audience there are people with good knowledge of your company’s area of ​​operation and others who know nothing about it, it is important to raise topics that are more generic as well as some that are more specific, in order to attract visitors who Lebanon Phone Number List become leads that become customers . Mainly because companies that make complex sales tend to have very high VAC . After all, if they need to place sellers in the field, invest in paid media ads (such as Google Ad words , for example) to sell, the cost to place a customer inside the company Lebanon Phone Number List is very high. One of the advantages that Content Marketing brings is precisely the decrease in VAC,

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As acquiring customers who come to the company organically through a corporate blog is incomparably smaller Lebanon Phone Number List than the other ways mentioned above. Tracking customer evolution along the sales funnel is another advantage, as unlike actions that only bring people interested in buying the product at the bottom of the funnel, a good content strategy is able to bring people who are still at the top and in the middle of the Lebanon Phone Number List funnel, they represent a much larger slice of your target audience. But to attract them, your company must do Content Marketing effectively. And how to do Content Marketing effectively? If you are not doing this type of Marketing in your company, the first step is to have a corporate blog and produce content that is of real interest to your audience. However, it is not enough Lebanon Phone Number List to write what seems to be the most appropriate.

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