Most importantly, you can use them across multiple pages, meaning you can always try variations to understand which ones convert better. You know that classic “buy now” button? This phrase is not always the best term you Mexico Phone Number List can use. While it needs to be simple and straightforward, this call to action can be smoother and equally direct . Try other terms, such as just “Buy” or “Buy yours”, and see which ones Mexico Phone Number List perform better. Believe me: simple term changes can make a world of difference! 8. Email requested before opening checkout page Checkout, as you’ve seen, is a very important time for online stores. Even if there is cart Mexico Phone Number List abandonment, that user can generate a lead and, with a subsequent job, finally be converted into a consumer.

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For this, an A/B test for e-commerce is essential: request the user’s email before making him/her go to the conclusion of the purchase. Of course, you need to do Mexico Phone Number List  this in a very simple option, limited to filling out the email. The proposal is simple: if the purchase is not completed, a follow-up can be carried out immediately with the re marketing for e-commerce . Thus, that user receives an email notifying Mexico Phone Number List him that he has items in his cart and can still see such advertising on the Display Network . 9. Static image of value x carousels The different forms of advertising with banners can be very interesting to capture the user’s attention in your Mexico Phone Number List e-commerce. However, it is necessary to fully understand what each of them can cause.

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The carousels are nice and work well, but a good static and value layout, which delivers the Mexico Phone Number List message in an impact way, should also be considered a great feature. The ideal is to run tests evaluating what each of these alternatives does to the website visitor. Carousels can be slow to deliver the final message, causing impatience and having no Mexico Phone Number List effect, for example. Still, for some users, they can be eye-catching. Test both formats and see which one generates the most clicks by looking at conversions and other metrics related to each. 10. Featured contact information Selling on the internet is still a lot about trust. The first big Mexico Phone Number List challenge in e-commerce was to overcome the idea that it was not safe to buy on the Web.

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