For example, in January 2014 we made a template and menu change on the Aula CM page. And the inclusion of an annotation on that date allowed us to know how it improved navigation within. The web and its impact on the number of visits. Recurring visitors and their way of browsing within the website. 5. Google Analytics: Target Audience and Audience. Learning to interpret traffic and audience reports with Google Analytics is essential if you want to be a Web Analytics Jedi. But the results of your reports are not only the number of visits to your website. But the data that will help you better understand the people who visit your website.

Google Analytics offers you a lot of data, for example. Where your visitors come from (country, city, state). But just like this, it is important that you pay attention to what language they speak. What technology they use and from what devices they connect to your website. It is essential that you Taiwan Phone Number List, for example. At how many are new visitors, how many are recurring visitors and in this way you can calculate how much public you have loyal.

Implement Search Console

Through the reports you can know exactly how many pages of your website they visit and how long they stay on each one of them. You will know how many people read your website from their mobile devices; how many do it from the computer and how long they spend on it on average, etc. This will be useful for you to be more assertive in your campaigns and offer content to the public that visits you. But in addition to all these reports, it is important that you compare these reports with different time ranges (previous period, previous year). In this way you will be able to know which and how many of those visits help you convert objectives on your website and which ones do it in a better percentage.

A good knowledge of your audience will allow you to make important decisions regarding the segmentation of your Marketing campaigns with Google Adwords. And it will help you create a better Marketing focused on your Target Audience. Audience reports help you optimize your Marketing campaigns towards your target audience. 6. Implement Search console (previously Google Web Master Tools). Search Console, previously called Google Webmaster Tools , is a powerful tool that offers you relevant information about your website and how you can improve SEO and Analytics aspects.

Synchronize Google Analytics

It gives you off-site and on-site information that helps you have more control over Google search results (offsite queries that redirect public traffic to your website) and improve technical issues such as the loading speed of your page, the resolution of pages not found, the technology used by the people who visit your website, etc. To implement Search Console or Google Web Master Tools , it is necessary to have a Gmail account and register on the website, requesting an HTML code that you must place in the header of your website so that Google recognizes it and synchronizes it with the search engines.

7. Synchronize Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Google Analytics allows you to synchronize your Google Adwords account to be able to fully track your paid campaigns. In this way you can calculate the ROI of your company ‘s Marketing campaigns . That is, how profitable are the ads you make on the web and which are the most effective. Once your accounts are synchronized (it is done from the administration panel), campaign management is configured with your conversion goals and your account becomes a great calculator that can determine, on the one hand, campaign payments and on the other hand the income from your ads.

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