This is your time to shine, so don’t hesitate to expose all the achievements, capabilities and tools that your company has. Seek to offer partners a unique Congo Email List value proposition. Remember that, just like your media agency , there are other options in the market that are also struggling to attract brands and advertisers. So, don’t miss the opportunity to offer something that you can’t refuse. 7. Take care of the look of the media kit The look of the document is just as Congo Email List important as the information it contains. Use your brand colors, templates and illustrative images in harmony. After all, a messy media kit with mismatched elements will damage your image as a media company. With the help of a designer, develop appropriate templates for your type of business, which convey Congo Email List your visual identity and facilitate the distribution of information.

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Organize the document correctly Before finalizing the document, make sure the information is organized correctly. Make sure the subjects are grouped by Congo Email List categories, in a cohesive and easy to understand way for those who will access it. 9. Distribute the media kit After a lot of work, it is necessary to publish the finished media kit. Start by making it available in PDF format on the company’s website, preferably Congo Email List highlighted in the main menu. The document can also be emailed to your target audience. Another possibility is to print and bind the information and distribute it in sales visits. What errors should be avoided in a media kit? As important as Congo Email List knowing how to make a media kit is paying attention to the pitfalls to avoid when preparing the material.

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There are a number of common mistakes that prevent a company from standing out precisely because they do not allow delivering that extra argument to Congo Email List potential customers. See the 7 most common mistakes and understand how you can fix them to create a killer media kit. 1. Don’t think of it as part of your job Perhaps this is one of the most common flaws when a company prepares its media kit: the material is not a compilation of information, it is part of its content Congo Email List and its work. What is most surprising is to see this mistake being made by professionals and agencies inserted in the advertising environment, who know the value of form and function to conquer people. The media kit must convey values, capabilities, objectives and the business culture , as we Congo Email List said in the previous topic about the need to print your visual identity. But you need to go further to stand out.

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