But, so that all pending issues are delivered in the agreed time, try to stipulate a time for each one. Meetings? Just when necessary: ​​It’s that old story: if you can solve it by email, you don’t have Lebanon Email List to involve everyone in a meeting, right? Except in cases of process alignment and brainstorming, for example, try to reduce the number of these encounters as much as possible. Set a time to go out: Here’s the hard part, we’re Lebanon Email List all aware of it. But we also understand that extending the working day can generate excessive fatigue, reducing concentration and income. In that case, if you noticed that you are not yielding as much as before, take a break and go home and rest. division of labor When there is no clear division of Lebanon Email List the role of each one, there is a significant impact on the reduction of team productivity .

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Taking this situation to the level of leadership, this problem is even more common, as many managers end up Lebanon Email List leaving their role aside to perform operational activities, diverting their attention from more strategic actions, for example. This is due to the lack of efficient team management, aimed at training new leaders in the agency. In this case, it is recommended that action plans be drawn up for the division of responsibilities Lebanon Email List across all departments. In other words, each professional needs to clearly understand their role within the sector. In addition to contributing to a more systemic view of the agency’s operations, this practice keeps the team’s productivity high and avoids professionals who are Lebanon Email List overloaded and dissatisfied with their work. As a manager, you will have more time to focus on actions aimed at decision-making,

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While being integrated into the agency’s routine. In addition to improving efficiency, the assertive Lebanon Email List division of tasks makes it possible to achieve results for your customers, as the entire team will be able to focus on their tasks and you will be available to assist with whatever is needed. Encourage professionals’ autonomy As important as Lebanon Email List keeping employees aware of their responsibilities is to motivate them to have autonomy in their decisions. This is about listening, but also putting the proposed ideas into practice. It is not by chance that the integration between teams is one of the most discussed topics here, as this alignment is responsible for developing incredible projects , to which everyone can contribute with Lebanon Email List  ideas and with their own perceptions about the customer. Encouraging the team’s participation in important decisions,

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