If people consider that something useful, it’s only fair that the entrepreneur be duly rewarded for it. Innovation and Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List Entrepreneurship I said at the beginning of the article that being an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean opening a business or creating new products and services, like inventing. In fact, we saw from the characteristics of the profile of this type of professional that innovation Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List linked to entrepreneurship has much more to do with a way of behaving in the face of daily events and projects. An interesting parallel can be drawn with the seventh art, Brazilian cinema to be more precise. Back in the 1950s, a group of filmmakers (Flaubert Rocha, Pauli Cesar Saracen) created a Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List cinematographic movement whose motto was

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They came about with the bankruptcy of the big movie companies and decided to create a more real, more Brazilian Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List and less resourceful aesthetic. The result was a series of films that marked the constitution of Brazilian cultural identity in cinema, with internationally recognized names. Cinema nova can be seen, then, as an Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List entrepreneurial movement in the art of our country. Taking advantage of present technologies and even in the face of difficulties, they found a way – planned, with an aesthetic identity – to make what they most wanted: movies. More than novelty, the entrepreneur is looking for something Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List that is useful to his daily life, to the development of his activities.

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This goes far beyond establishing hierarchical positions and leadership. This theme involves much more the ability to Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List recognize talents – yours and your teammates – and situations, seeking to make the best use of them, to go beyond. Entrepreneurship is a matter of posture Note that, although all four concepts I presented ( thinking and acting, opportunities, holistic vision and leadership, adding value ) can be Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List applied in your own business, it is not the only possible application. For example, see how interesting this athlete’s entrepreneurship modality is that revolutionized his sport here . Or, in several cases that we see of employees’ entrepreneurial Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List behavior, the so-called entrepreneurs.

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