The free account limits the number of pop-ups created, for example, allowing only 10. In addition, paid plans offer Kuwait WhatsApp Number List more power in certain features such as audience segmentation, design options, integrations and A/B testing. Therefore, if you do decide to install the tool, be sure to find out which plan is best for your situation. To help, we will discuss the main features of Hello Bar in the next topic. How does the tool Kuwait WhatsApp Number List work? Hello Bar has elements that make it a very effective tool for achieving various goals . This diversity of objectives is made explicit in the first contact. Is that after registering on the platform, which can be done for free, you are faced with the following screen. hello bar As you can see, Hello Kuwait WhatsApp Number List Bar offers 6 possibilities to start your personalized experience.

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Increase the email list; drive traffic to a specific URL; boost sales; carry out advertisements; receive phone Kuwait WhatsApp Number List calls; direct visitors to your social networks. Once you understand your objective, the tool will offer the types of designs available and indicate the most suitable for your strategy. In the image below, you can see that Hello Bar Kuwait WhatsApp Number List recommends using the full screen pop-up as it is more suited to the selected goal, which was “increase the email list”. hello bar If you’ve already signed up to use the program, you’ve noticed that, in the initial form, you need to enter the URL of the website you want to edit. Based Kuwait WhatsApp Number List on this, Hello Bar scans your website to identify some important elements, such as the colors to be used in pop-ups.

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From there, the tool offers templates that can be easily edited . hello bar In the left sidebar, you can edit the Kuwait WhatsApp Number List colors, text and image (if any) of the pop-ups that will be displayed. Buttons can also have their characteristics changed. In the case of premium accounts it is also possible to add questions and other elements to encourage Kuwait WhatsApp Number List the lead conversion . In addition to the purpose, design and type of pop-up, the sidebar also allows you to change the tool’s settings. This way you can change, for example, the delay in which your pop-ups are displayed. Another option available is to adapt the message to GD PR, a European Kuwait WhatsApp Number List law that regulates the collection of user data.

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