Follow the terms and conditions of the program or Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List platform you’re using. I was just recently asked a question, “how do I get Facebook to unblock the number of friend requests I can send?” I found out that basically what the person was doing was spamming, and Facebook’s terms and conditions don’t allow that. They only want you to make friend connections with people that you know. You may meet someone in an event, send them a friend request, and they may not get to that friend request until later and they mark you as a spammer. They just forgot who you are. Keep track of your invitations. Follow the terms and conditions of whatever platform you’re on, whether it be LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, any of them. Make sure you follow the terms and conditions, or your account could be shut down.


Three Step SEO and Social Media Marketing

Mind your manners. I don’t know how many times I see people where I honestly believe they don’t understand how they’re coming across, but they’re coming across as ordering people around. Mind your manners. Use please and thank you. There are a lot of abbreviations for the P’s & Q’s which makes it really easy when you don’t have a lot of characters. You still need to mind your manners. The basis for building effective social media activity is usually through blogging. And a great place to begin blogging is with a newsletter.

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List
Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List

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Here’s the logic; successful social media programs require an in-depth strategy and some real planning, so developing an editorial program of six to eight articles for a newsletter is a great way to get some simple discipline in place and to get the process underway – it’s far less daunting than sitting down and plotting a social media campaign. If you’re only planning one blog a month then one effective editorial meeting can provide you with six months worth of content ideas and, as the labored old mantra goes, ‘content is king’. Therefore, spending time getting the content ideas sorted early on – focussing on your audience’s interests and not your sales goals – is the way to build a solid foundation for growth.

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