Our marketing work first focuses on understanding a little more about the history of the people who come to the foundation and what vision they have regarding our issues. At the same time we Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List develop Content Marketing materials, we also prepare invitations for interested companies. This material can be, for example, a blog post driven on social media. In these invitations, we explain and talk a little more Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List about technology, but not aimed at technicalities. We bring information that focus on the high level of benefits that that type of application can bring, the advantages that the digital platform Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List brings to the business of these stakeholders.

How to Interact With Customers on the Most Used

From there, we evolved in the conversation and more technical details came in a second moment. We also work Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List with videos within our communication department. We have a super competent team in the part of creating videos for all this communication with the community. Do you believe that one of the ways to Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List overcome the challenge of working with such a complex subject is to create a relationship through Content Marketing? Without a shadow of a doubt. I face this a lot when I go to give lectures or classes about Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List technology. Usually, it’s something that people haven’t had a contact with yet.

Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List

Everything is still too abstract for them. Our mindset, by and large, is still located in Industry 3.0 or even Industry 2.0. Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List When we start to deal with disruptive technologies, it’s more complex to go straight to the point and create a dynamic so that people understand that concept. It is necessary to build a ladder for that person to be able to Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List climb the steps and reach a more global understanding of the technology. Initially, the ideal is to present something innovative, as is the case with digital platforms, but which is already part of the daily lives of many. Many people use Airborne, Tuber and other platforms that Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List bring this innovation. This is a bait for the individual to begin to understand the IOTA.

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