I’m saying this because at this stage a lot of people make the mistake of writing content they find interesting, Jamaica WhatsApp Number List about the topics they like and the way they are used to writing. This has some risks: The topic may not be relevant to your target audience; The subject may not have any Google searches; The way you are writing is not the best fit for Jamaica WhatsApp Number List your audience (eg writing using profanity if your audience is more formal and polite); You will not get concrete results as no one will read your content. So, once you’ve created your persona, it’s time for you to start researching what topics you’ll be writing about. A good way to look for Jamaica WhatsApp Number List topics to write about is by analyzing your competitors’ websites and seeing what keywords they are ranking on Google for. This is a good starting point for what to write about.

Tips on How to Stay Focussed

The idea, after analyzing what content is in the top position on Google for what you want, is to write more complete Jamaica WhatsApp Number List and better content. You can use some keyword planners to help you with this task. One point that may seem simple but makes a big difference is that you start by focusing on long tail keywords . What does that mean? Usually people don’t do a Google search using just one word . They might use it, but usually just Jamaica WhatsApp Number List one broad word might not bring you the traffic you’d like, and it’s much harder to rank on Google. Instead of you wanting to rank for “decoration”, you can try ranking for “office decoration”, for Jamaica WhatsApp Number List example. Or go even deeper into the long tail as: “decoration for small offices”.

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

The more specific you are, the greater your chance of bringing quality traffic and the more engaged with your content. And also, in most cases, it is less difficult for you to appear in the top positions on Jamaica WhatsApp Number List  Google. 3. Write quality content and focus on SO Note that we haven’t talked about writing the content itself yet. This is one of the big mistakes of those who start a content marketing strategy: wanting to start Jamaica WhatsApp Number List writing right away. Writing is much more than inspiration. It’s technique, it’s work, it’s process and it’s data analysis. So, now that you understand that you must focus on a specific target audience, that you must solve a real pain and also that you must write about a relevant topic that is searched on Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Google, it’s finally time to get your hands on mass and write quality content .

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