A data platform that works today is not necessarily a data platform that will also work tomorrow. Within companies there are always changes that have an effect on the data. For example, acquisitions and mergers involve IT integrations Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List and migrations, where the same data is stored in different forms. So your data platform requires maintenance and it is best to choose a CDP that does this automatically. Accessibility for the entire organization You do not know in advance which data will be useful for which process. Many of the best data applications have arisen from combinations of new sources and processes.

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Data must therefore be accessible and usable Macedonia WhatsApp Number List for your entire organization. Everyone should be able to set up experiments and build prediction models based on all available data. A CDP must be able to support this effortlessly and seamlessly scale with increased usage or usage peaks. The more data you have, the more important it is to think carefully about its visualization. Dashboarding Most data-driven decisions are still made by people. They need a dashboard that is quick and easy to interpret.


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Macedonia WhatsApp Number List

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A CDP makes that easy. Marketing automation and NBA marketing Many CDPs do more than just process data and also offer solutions for marketing automation and proposing Next Best Actions (NBA) to customers or sales teams. With this functionality, a CDP helps you to put data to good use right away, without the need for an additional software package. Do you already work with a marketing automation package? Then you are obviously looking for a CDP that integrates well with it. Reputations CC, data-driven Step-by-step plan for choosing and rolling out Do you come to the conclusion that you need a CDP.

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