The one loopholeafter another was sought and found. It is not for nothing that both Uber and Airbnb were (and still are) at odds with local governments in countries worldwide. However, this has change in recent years. Platforms can no longer hide behind naivety. Governments must play a greater role in getting to grips with platforms. According to Arets, this can be done through strict enforcement. Deregulation, ad hoc regulation or a policy of tolerance.

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Platforms, in turn, face a number of government Singapore WhatsApp Number List challenges, such as lack of and horizontal assurance, fragment local government and inadequate IT infrastructure. Arets recommends platforms to proactively prevent issues with the government and mentions a  number of useful recommendations for thinking along, collaborating, and above all to remain as a stakeholder. This provides more clarity and less risk. Also read.


Singapore WhatsApp Number List
Singapore WhatsApp Number List

Platforms are market

How do you survive as a company between platform giants such as Netflix & Thuisbezorgd? Platforms in times of crisis The ink of the book has only just, so there was room for a final chapter about platforms in (corona) crisis. In recent months, platforms have regularly made the news. On the other hand, platforms themselves also ran into problems due to a drop in revenue. Some platforms prove flexible and resilient in times of crisis.

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